Booking A Sikkim Tour Package? Time To Make The Trip Memorable

With so many travel agencies offering affordable Sikkim tour packages, choosing one which suits your budget and travel needs isn’t a daunting task. Just ensure to do a bit of research about the place before you start your journey and preparing your trip itinerary will become easier. Have a talk with your travel agent and ask whether they have done all the bookings, especially if you are visiting the tourist destination during peak seasons. They can even share with you a few tips to enhance the enjoyment quotient of your vacation and make it safer.

Places to visit Sikkim

4 Cool Tips You Should Know Before You Start Your Journey To Sikkim

  • Keep Yourself Warm

Since the state experiences power-shortage during the off-season, tourists are not allowed to use the electric room heaters. It is totally upon you to decide how you will tackle the cold during your trip. There are generally two options to choose from. Use a bonfire or have some alcohol. First, ensure from your hotel manager whether they can arrange these for you.

  • Rent Boots And Coats When Necessary

Since the temperature of Sikkim is a lot cooler than you think, you might realise that you have not packed the boots and coats necessary to tackle the cold after you reach the place. The best option is to ask the travel agent to take you to a shop where warm jackets, boots and gloves are available for rent. There are mandatory if you are planning to visit some area covered with snow.

  • Prepare The Permits

Book a Sikkim Tour Package, visit the place and you will realise that you need a valid permit to visit a majority of the tourist spots in North and East Sikkim. You need to provide them with your id proof and photos and this is why your travel agent might advice you to carry at least 10 photos and id proofs.

  • Waterproof Your Luggage

It is not uncommon for tourists visiting Sikkim to encounter rainfall or snowfall and this is why making your luggage rain-proof is very important. There are high chances that you will keep the luggage on the carrier of your car and they might get wet if it suddenly starts raining. Even if the driver provides some rain cover, it will barely help. The best alternative is to wrap each luggage in plastic bags and your belongings will stay dry throughout the day.

Since your knowledge about Sikkim has enhanced, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and make your trip more enjoyable.