Debunk The Myths About North Sikkim Before Opting For A Tour Package

If you are planning a trip to some land which offers numerous glimpses of untouched and pristine beauty, a North Sikkim tour is exactly what you need. The scenic beauty offered by the land let you create some memories which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Since North Sikkim has so much to offer, the number of tourists opting for North Sikkim tour packages is gradually enhancing. If you have not started planning for the tour yet simply because of the myths surrounding the place, it’s high time you debunk those.

North Sikkim tour
Image Source : shreetirupatitoursntravels

4 Common Myths About North Sikkim Tour Packages Have Been Debunked

  • “The Transportation Facility is Critical As it is A Remote Area”
    If anyone ever says that the area is quite remote with bad transportation facilities, it might be because they have undertaken the trip long back or doesn’t have an adventurous spirit. Opt for any Sikkim Tour Package and kick off the journey by taking a flight from Kolkata. The cities are well-connected with roads and railways. You can hire a cab on an hourly basis and enjoy the scenic beauty offered by the highways. It’s not time-consuming at all which enhances the luxury quotient of your trip.
  • “One Week isn’t Sufficient To Plan Your North Sikkim Tour”
    North East Sikkim is no doubt a very large area but it does not necessarily mean that it can’t be covered in just one week. If you don’t have adequate time, ask your travel agent not to include all the places to visit in your trip itinerary. They will choose the cities wisely with a focus on making your trip delightful. Few of the cities you can cover in just 7 days include Shillong, Kalimpong, Gangtok and Darjeeling.
  • “It is Always Raining in North East Sikkim”
    Though North East Sikkim receives heavy rainfall, it does not rain throughout the year. Switch on some prominent new channels, check some weather news and you will realise that this is nothing more than a myth. The beauty of the place enhances drastically when it rains as the raindrops render the place a mesmerising touch of serenity. Birds start chirping and the fresh smell of wet earth fills the entire area. Undertake a trip during the monsoon months and come closer to Mother Nature.
  • “A Majority Of The North Sikkim Tour Packages are Expensive”
    Approach a renowned travel agency and you will realise that this is nothing more than a myth. They have a team of expert travel agents who suggest the ideal North Sikkim tour package that suits your requirements and budget. If you have a tight budget, they might even organise a group tour for you and help you save a few more bucks.

Since the common myths about North Sikkim tour have been debunked, its time you choose a package and create some memories for life.


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