Indulge Your Passion for Adventure in the North-East with a Sikkim Tour Package

Sikkim is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for those who want to enjoy peaceful holidaying with regular sight-seeing. On the other hand, Sikkim is the place where you can literally indulge your passion for adventure, thrill and excitement.

Here is a list of adventurous, thrilling and exciting activities that you surely choose to satiate your adrenaline rush.

Fun of Trekking – Sikkim is known to be the paradise for avid trekkers as the state has a number of scenic treks. Its pictorial landscape, gurgling waterfalls, swift rivers, lush green slopes and valleys, amazing orchards and milky white somber glaciers make trekking experience in Sikkim entirely different than other places. Be it Rhododendron Trek, Green Lake Trek, Yuksom-Dzongri-Goecha La Trek or the most famed Kanchenjunga Trek, pick any as per choice of scenery and of course, your body fitness.

Fun of Trekking

River Rafting at River Teesta – This is another courageous yet passionate activity that travelers love to explore. Teesta river rafting would leave you just amazed and spellbound. The strong and fleet of the river make you pass through serene villages, deep abundant forests, terraced farms in the slop of mountains and blissful view of the steep peaks around. However, make sure you trust a dependable and licensed Sikkim tour operator that offers such an activity in their special Sikkim Tour Package and arranges for proper safety gears and equipments.

River Rafting

Mountain Biking – This is gradually becoming one of the most preferred adventure activities in the beautiful mountainous state. Mountain biking allows you to take any route of your own choice and enjoy the natural beauty of this exotic state, its virgin countryside, pleasing instrumental wind that brushes your face and have a soothing peek into the simple yet joyous life of the common folks.


Yak Safari – A trip to Sikkim is incomplete without having a yak safari. This is an amazing and unique experience in itself. Chopta Valley, Tsomgo Lake and Dzongri are the perfect places to have this lifetime experience. Your smiling photo sitting atop of the yak could be the most sought after, lifetime memento.


Exploring Local Delicacies – Though many may not consider this to be something adventurous, to foodie travelers, this is another excitement to gratify while in Sikkim. Sikkim’s food is an integral part of your trip. Gorging on to the traditional delicacies must be included to your list to do in Sikkim. With incorporation of multiple ethnic groups such as Nepalese, Lepchas and Bhutias, food in Sikkim has a strong yet enduring influence of all cultures. Apart from different distinctive rice, poultry and meat delicacies like Momo, Thupka, Kinema Curry, Sel Roti, Mesu and Pakkuk, traditional dishes also include fermented food as well as beverage.


These are the things you must not skip during your trip to Sikkim. When it comes to exploring activities like biking, trekking and hiking, you should always do it as a member of a big group instead of individually. Remember to respect cleanliness while in Sikkim.


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