North East Sikkim – The Rightly Called Earth’s Hidden Paradise

Sikkim the hidden paradise

Sitting in front of the 15” desktop screen, your mind must have wandered many a times, seeing the photos of Sikkim and its neighbouring attractions. Well, this is completely understood. After all, anyone who is fond of serenity and quietness would like to visit this place to come out of the shackles of tiring and monotonous life.


The Diversity to be Experienced

Sikkim is just a relief from the whirlwind of ambitions and insecurities, which one should look for. And what can be better than going to a place for seeking relief that will not be too heavy on your pocketbook as well?

Just beside the border of your state, lies this beautifully cultured and less populated state that is amidst the Himalayas. Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet being its adjacent neighbours, enrich this place with their cultures as well.  Have you wondered how beautifully the three races that are found here coexist together? And, that’s not all; the official languages that are spoken here count up to 11 in number.


Keeping West Bengal to the south; Bhutan and Nepal to the east and west respectively, and Tibet in the north, this place is all surrounded by People of different ethnic groups adding to the charm of the place with their local knowledge and rituals. And hence, you will find structures of the temple, church, mosque, Buddhist monastery and gurudwara all coexisting in a similar manner. Few places also have all of them together in one locality.


The predominant groups amongst all of the residents are Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese. The warmth of the local people and their honest nature will always make you remember your trip and journey to this place. Their beautiful smile and sweetness in hospitality make them the best hosts ever.

If You Are An Adventurous Person:


This place has so much to offer that you will be confused about how to wrap up the best of things in the short span of time that you have. Therefore, what you can do is choose the Sandakphu tour package to enjoy the thrills and adventure of your lifetime. At extreme cold nights and days, you will be judged by the strength of your legs, just with a stick for support. Take precautions and plunge in for this adventurous trek and give yourself some of the beautiful memoirs.


This trekking can be as enthralling as river rafting in Teesta. Oh, by the way, have you seen the amazing sea-green river that flows along your entire route when you travel from NJP to Sikkim by car?


This will be a joyride that you will swear by, if you have seen Teesta in its optimum, neither dry nor frozen. This beautiful scenery will last in your memories for lifetime. This is guaranteed.

If You Like to Go the Zig Zag Way

Silk Route Sikkim tour plan is the best if you want to experience a swirl in the head. It is popularly known as the zig-zag route. When travellers get hooked to this beautiful roadway, it will lead to immense happiness. Did you know Silk route is an ancient trade route?

The road gets its name from the material silk, as that was the commodity of the trade from China. But now, when you will go and travel along it, you might just think that the route has also derived its name from its beautiful scenery that will have a silky-smooth effect on your eyes and mind.

The snow covered trees will definitely give you enough chills, but the cold climate cannot stop you from visiting this place. And, that is the reason this place is the hot favourite destination among a plethora of travellers who come from different nooks and corners of the world.

sikkim silk route and trekking

To conclude, Sikkim and its attractions can have an everlasting and mesmerising effect on your mind, which will help you to keep away from the stress of the everyday life. Therefore, you must not waste any more time thinking about retirement or taking a long holiday at one stretch to enjoy this solace. Rather just take a break of a week and come here to re-live yourself again!


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