Incredible East Sikkim Escapade: Silk Route Tour Plan and Package

silk route

If grandeur had a name, it would definitely be Sikkim’s Old Silk Route. This historic path had once been a traders’ paradise. For centuries, it served as a connecting link between the plains of Bengal in India and Lhasa in Tibet.

Today, this road of the bygone days is still sparkling with chronicles. Yes, traders no longer take this path. But, tourists and adventure enthusiasts come here in search of a delightful travel experience. And, it has been bestowed with a new name – the Zigzag road.

How to Get Here:

If you are thinking about a Silk Route Sikkim tour plan, you should not execute it without jotting down a few other places on your bucket list. Plus, your travel target should be exclusively East Sikkim. Let’s discuss a possible itinerary you can follow:

  • The journey would begin from the NJP railway station, Bagdogra Airport, or S.N.T bus bay. Some discerning travellers also like to take up Helicopter service for the same.
  • You could then move to Sillery Gaon and stay there overnight. Early morning, you can visit Ramity View Point and head toward Dzuluk.
  • Alternatively, you can stay in Reshikhola and head toward Dzuluk the next day.
  • You will pass through a place called Rongli, in the market of which, you have to arrange for your inner line permit.
  • On your way toward Dzuluk you will be able to view Mankhim Top, Kuekhola Water Falls, Lingtam, Nimachen, and Padamchen.
  • You can stay overnight in Dzuluk. Please keep in mind that you will receive only minimum facilities in the resorts here. Still and all, the stay is pleasant.
  • The next day, you can head toward Thambi View Point, which rests on the Silk Route itself.
  • Almost every Silk Route tour package covers other attractions like the famous Baba Mandir, Tukla Valley, Kupup Lake, Elephant Lake, Golf Course, and the Gnathang Valley.
  • If you are lucky enough, you’ll get to stay in Gnathang Valley. Here, this incredible journey would end, following which, you will then have to return back home.

Why is the journey recommended in breaks?

Because these places receive extreme weather conditions, it is wise to travel in breaks. There are fewer options of eateries. For instance, on your way toward Gnathang Valley, you will have only a little shop (not really a shop, but a canopy held above a tin shed) serving momos and coffee.

Yet again, there are resorts in Gnathang Valley. But, if snowfall occurs way too much, most remain closed. You will have only the monks of the monastery there for your company. The journey, if not done in breaks could become tiresome and challenging.

Things nobody tells you:

  • Every Sunday, in Rongli, a flea market is set up, where you can buy bric-a-bracs, woollens, and other stuff at dead cheap rates.
  • The altitude can cause a vertigo-like feeling. You should carry chocolates and raisins to fight this feeling.
  • Keep biscuits and other edibles handy because eateries, as mentioned before, are scarce.

Sikkim is no less than a heaven, and the Old Silk Road is like a jewel that adorns it. Break free from the shackles of mundane life and visit this awesome place today. Have a very happy journey!


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