Best Places to Visit as Part of Your North Sikkim Tour Package

One thing that there will be unanimity about in the world is that among all the places that are termed as the ‘most beautiful’, the Indian state of Sikkim will find a mention every time. Nestled in the Himalayas, this tiny state has an abundance of natural beauty stemming from natural formations as well as the bountiful flora and fauna that it has been blessed with. Sikkim is divided into four districts, East Sikkim, North Sikkim, West Sikkim and South Sikkim. While the whole state is worth witnessing, the district of North Sikkim undoubtedly has the best things to offer. To that effect, discussed below are the places that you should ensure are part of the North Sikkim tour package that you choose.

North Sikkim tour package

Know the Best Places in North Sikkim that you Should Visit

  • Yumthang Valley

If you are a nature-lover and look for peace and tranquillity when you are in the lap of nature, Yumthang Valley is the place for you. The plethora of flowers that this place has to offer, coupled with some species of fauna that you will find only in and around North Sikkim are sure to leave you spellbound when you come to this place. It is located at a height of around 1,180 feet above sea level. It is going to be quite a travesty of justice if you happened to go to North Sikkim and then return without having witnessed Yumthang Valley.

  • Lachung

Lachung is a town in North Sikkim that has really come into its own in the last two decades, attracting numerous tourists who have come to hear of the beauty of this place. You should be ready to be awestricken when you come to Lachung, with the mountains, waterfalls and orchards all waiting to be seen by you. The peacefulness that you get to experience in Lachung can be difficult for most other places to match. The best thing about this town is that despite the increased footfall from tourists over the years, Lachung has managed to hold onto its charm and appeal.

  • Seven Sisters Waterfall

Another place in North Sikkim that you cannot afford to miss is the Seven Sisters Waterfall. The waterfall is created by the coming together of seven separate waterfalls, and you will rue the fact if you somehow happen to miss the wonderful sights that await you here. You should not forget to take along your cameras with you as the Seven Sisters Waterfall offers an amazing spot for photography. If you go to this waterfall at around afternoon, you should ensure that you stay until the sunset and witness the mesmerising sights.

These are the three places that you cannot afford to miss when you visit North Sikkim. More and more people are starting to visit this district and you will do well to make sure that you also go and see the sights before the area gets too crowded.


Going On A Trip To Northeast India? Here’re the Answers To Your Queries

With the arrival of the holiday season, are you planning to embark on a trip to an offbeat destination? Why not plan a trip to Northeast India – a diverse and relatively unexplored region with distinct tribal culture? Trust us; holidaying in the northeast region of India can be the experience of a lifetime!

No matter whether you are going on a family vacation, an outing with friends or a solo trip, Northeast India is the place to be. It is an unexplored paradise which has it all – from snow-peaked mountains, stunning scenery, and cascading waterfalls, rare wildlife to vibrant festivals and colourful monasteries. Travelling to the north-eastern states of India can thus be very rewarding.

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Northeast India along with their answers!

Which States Of India Are In The North East Region?

Northeast India – the easternmost Indian region comprises of the Seven Sister States – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura and the Himalayan State of Sikkim. Each of these states has different cultures, languages, food, scenery and tribes, making it a heaven for explorers.

How To Get To North East?

Guwahati, the only large city in this region and the capital of Assam is the gateway to Northeast India. Since it has excellent rail and air connections to other parts of India, it is suitable as an entry point when visiting Assam, Meghalaya and western Arunachal Pradesh.

Dibrugarh – a riverine tea town of Assam, has got decent rail and air connections to other parts of the country. It is apt as an entry point when visiting Assam, other parts of Arunachal Pradesh and eastern Nagaland.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit North East?

The best to visit Northeast India is during the winter months of November to March. During this time, days are warm and sunny, making it the perfect season for exploring the outdoors.

Rains begin as early as April and end around October. Travelling during these months become very difficult since floods and landslides are major threats. However, with careful planning, planning a trip during this time can be quite rewarding with beautiful dramatic skies and lush green landscapes.

How To Get The Permits For Travelling To Northeast India?

No matter whether you are a foreigner or an Indian, you do not require any permit for Tripura or Assam. While foreigners can travel freely even in Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland, Indians need Inner Line Permit. For travelling in Arunachal Pradesh, Indians get the Inner Line Permit and foreigners need to apply for Protected Area Permit.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to approach a reputed travel agency and book an all-inclusive North East India tour package!

Booking A Sikkim Tour Package? Time To Make The Trip Memorable

With so many travel agencies offering affordable Sikkim tour packages, choosing one which suits your budget and travel needs isn’t a daunting task. Just ensure to do a bit of research about the place before you start your journey and preparing your trip itinerary will become easier. Have a talk with your travel agent and ask whether they have done all the bookings, especially if you are visiting the tourist destination during peak seasons. They can even share with you a few tips to enhance the enjoyment quotient of your vacation and make it safer.

Places to visit Sikkim

4 Cool Tips You Should Know Before You Start Your Journey To Sikkim

  • Keep Yourself Warm

Since the state experiences power-shortage during the off-season, tourists are not allowed to use the electric room heaters. It is totally upon you to decide how you will tackle the cold during your trip. There are generally two options to choose from. Use a bonfire or have some alcohol. First, ensure from your hotel manager whether they can arrange these for you.

  • Rent Boots And Coats When Necessary

Since the temperature of Sikkim is a lot cooler than you think, you might realise that you have not packed the boots and coats necessary to tackle the cold after you reach the place. The best option is to ask the travel agent to take you to a shop where warm jackets, boots and gloves are available for rent. There are mandatory if you are planning to visit some area covered with snow.

  • Prepare The Permits

Book a Sikkim Tour Package, visit the place and you will realise that you need a valid permit to visit a majority of the tourist spots in North and East Sikkim. You need to provide them with your id proof and photos and this is why your travel agent might advice you to carry at least 10 photos and id proofs.

  • Waterproof Your Luggage

It is not uncommon for tourists visiting Sikkim to encounter rainfall or snowfall and this is why making your luggage rain-proof is very important. There are high chances that you will keep the luggage on the carrier of your car and they might get wet if it suddenly starts raining. Even if the driver provides some rain cover, it will barely help. The best alternative is to wrap each luggage in plastic bags and your belongings will stay dry throughout the day.

Since your knowledge about Sikkim has enhanced, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and make your trip more enjoyable.

Debunk The Myths About North Sikkim Before Opting For A Tour Package

If you are planning a trip to some land which offers numerous glimpses of untouched and pristine beauty, a North Sikkim tour is exactly what you need. The scenic beauty offered by the land let you create some memories which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Since North Sikkim has so much to offer, the number of tourists opting for North Sikkim tour packages is gradually enhancing. If you have not started planning for the tour yet simply because of the myths surrounding the place, it’s high time you debunk those.

North Sikkim tour
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4 Common Myths About North Sikkim Tour Packages Have Been Debunked

  • “The Transportation Facility is Critical As it is A Remote Area”
    If anyone ever says that the area is quite remote with bad transportation facilities, it might be because they have undertaken the trip long back or doesn’t have an adventurous spirit. Opt for any Sikkim Tour Package and kick off the journey by taking a flight from Kolkata. The cities are well-connected with roads and railways. You can hire a cab on an hourly basis and enjoy the scenic beauty offered by the highways. It’s not time-consuming at all which enhances the luxury quotient of your trip.
  • “One Week isn’t Sufficient To Plan Your North Sikkim Tour”
    North East Sikkim is no doubt a very large area but it does not necessarily mean that it can’t be covered in just one week. If you don’t have adequate time, ask your travel agent not to include all the places to visit in your trip itinerary. They will choose the cities wisely with a focus on making your trip delightful. Few of the cities you can cover in just 7 days include Shillong, Kalimpong, Gangtok and Darjeeling.
  • “It is Always Raining in North East Sikkim”
    Though North East Sikkim receives heavy rainfall, it does not rain throughout the year. Switch on some prominent new channels, check some weather news and you will realise that this is nothing more than a myth. The beauty of the place enhances drastically when it rains as the raindrops render the place a mesmerising touch of serenity. Birds start chirping and the fresh smell of wet earth fills the entire area. Undertake a trip during the monsoon months and come closer to Mother Nature.
  • “A Majority Of The North Sikkim Tour Packages are Expensive”
    Approach a renowned travel agency and you will realise that this is nothing more than a myth. They have a team of expert travel agents who suggest the ideal North Sikkim tour package that suits your requirements and budget. If you have a tight budget, they might even organise a group tour for you and help you save a few more bucks.

Since the common myths about North Sikkim tour have been debunked, its time you choose a package and create some memories for life.

Indulge Your Passion for Adventure in the North-East with a Sikkim Tour Package

Sikkim is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for those who want to enjoy peaceful holidaying with regular sight-seeing. On the other hand, Sikkim is the place where you can literally indulge your passion for adventure, thrill and excitement.

Here is a list of adventurous, thrilling and exciting activities that you surely choose to satiate your adrenaline rush.

Fun of Trekking – Sikkim is known to be the paradise for avid trekkers as the state has a number of scenic treks. Its pictorial landscape, gurgling waterfalls, swift rivers, lush green slopes and valleys, amazing orchards and milky white somber glaciers make trekking experience in Sikkim entirely different than other places. Be it Rhododendron Trek, Green Lake Trek, Yuksom-Dzongri-Goecha La Trek or the most famed Kanchenjunga Trek, pick any as per choice of scenery and of course, your body fitness.

Fun of Trekking

River Rafting at River Teesta – This is another courageous yet passionate activity that travelers love to explore. Teesta river rafting would leave you just amazed and spellbound. The strong and fleet of the river make you pass through serene villages, deep abundant forests, terraced farms in the slop of mountains and blissful view of the steep peaks around. However, make sure you trust a dependable and licensed Sikkim tour operator that offers such an activity in their special Sikkim Tour Package and arranges for proper safety gears and equipments.

River Rafting

Mountain Biking – This is gradually becoming one of the most preferred adventure activities in the beautiful mountainous state. Mountain biking allows you to take any route of your own choice and enjoy the natural beauty of this exotic state, its virgin countryside, pleasing instrumental wind that brushes your face and have a soothing peek into the simple yet joyous life of the common folks.


Yak Safari – A trip to Sikkim is incomplete without having a yak safari. This is an amazing and unique experience in itself. Chopta Valley, Tsomgo Lake and Dzongri are the perfect places to have this lifetime experience. Your smiling photo sitting atop of the yak could be the most sought after, lifetime memento.


Exploring Local Delicacies – Though many may not consider this to be something adventurous, to foodie travelers, this is another excitement to gratify while in Sikkim. Sikkim’s food is an integral part of your trip. Gorging on to the traditional delicacies must be included to your list to do in Sikkim. With incorporation of multiple ethnic groups such as Nepalese, Lepchas and Bhutias, food in Sikkim has a strong yet enduring influence of all cultures. Apart from different distinctive rice, poultry and meat delicacies like Momo, Thupka, Kinema Curry, Sel Roti, Mesu and Pakkuk, traditional dishes also include fermented food as well as beverage.


These are the things you must not skip during your trip to Sikkim. When it comes to exploring activities like biking, trekking and hiking, you should always do it as a member of a big group instead of individually. Remember to respect cleanliness while in Sikkim.

Opt For A Sundarban Tour Package And Experience Some Adventure

Do you have a great fascination for wildlife? Looking for places where you can experience the varied wildlife species? Get set for an adventurous trip to Sundarban this holiday season and bring out your adventurous side!

Sundarban provides the perfect place for wildlife lovers who love to go on adventures. Accessible only by reverie waterways, you can sail through the tranquil waters while penetrating in the lush green mangrove forests to unfold its mystic beauty. Your enthusiasm will reach its peak once you encounter the majestic ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’, standing up with all its pride.

Here are a few things you should do for experiencing ultimate adventure during your Sundarban trip!

4 Adventures You Must Add To Your To-Do List While Opting For Sundarban Tour Package

  1. Spot The Majestic Royal Bengal Tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger forms to be the main attraction of Sundarban. Several watchtowers are spread throughout the area for tourists to have the thrill of spotting these tigers. Having a glimpse of these tigers is indeed an experience of a lifetime since you can encounter the exquisite creation in close quarters.

  1. Take Pleasure In Boating And Fishing In The Sundarban National Park

Can anything be more adventurous than exploring a jungle by boat? By opting for a Sundarban Tour Package, you can go for a fish catching expedition on a country boat while spotting wildlife. Simply sitting on the deck of the boat as you float through thick mangrove forests can be an unforgettable and dreamy experience for a lifetime.

  1. Visit The Famous Islands Of Sajnekhali And Netidhopani

If you have an adventurous soul which lasts for greenery, then you will treasure staying at Sajnekhali. Nestled at the confluence of River Gumdi and Malta, Sajnekhali is the home for varied bird species. You can even go to Netodhopani for seeing an ancient excavation. From the top of the watchtower, you can spot the glimpse of Dolphins and Estuarine Crocodiles. Visiting these famous islands can be a lifetime experience of observing the nature.

  1. Enjoy The View Of Setting Sun

A panoramic view from the watch tower can enthral you with the immense beauty and splendour of the setting sun. Enjoying the beautiful view of the setting sun amidst a lush green backdrop can indeed be one of your best traveling experiences ever!

So what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a leading tour agency and opt for a comprehensive tour package. Let Sundarban bring out your adventurous streak!

Opting For North East Holiday Packages? Know The Top Winter Destinations!

Come winter and the wanderlust soul in each of us awakens and we start preparing for one of the best traveling seasons.  It is the cold months of November, December, January and February when tourism reaches its crescendo in India. The North-eastern region of India, counted as a popular tourist destination becomes one of the most sought-after places to visit in winter.

Whether you wish to get respite from the chilling cold or seeking a warm escape, visiting the northeast can be the best way to get the most of your winter holidays. Northeast India is full of beautiful places which are splendid and picturesque throughout the year. Be it the natural beauty or the amazing views of the Himalayas, the magic of Northeast is bound to grab the attention of every tourist.

Read on to check out the best and most popular winter destinations which should definitely be a part of your North East India tour package!

North East Holiday Packages: 5 Winter Destinations Which You Must Include In Your Itinerary

  1. Sikkim

Sikkim, a beautiful state in the Himalayan range enjoys great snow in winter. The state boasts of some of the best snow-covered regions in the country. Gurudongmar Lake and Tsongmo Lake remain frozen throughout the winter. Thus, if you are someone who loves the appeal of a snow-clad lake or a frozen lake, visiting Sikkim during the winter is a must.

  1. Dibru Saikhowa

One of the most popular National Parks, Dibru Saikhowa is situated in the Tinsukia and Dibrugarh districts of Assam. A hub for several exotic birds and animals, it is one of the top tourist spots in winter. Migratory birds drop in this region during winter and it is this reason which draws hordes of birders and tourists from all over the world.

  1. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, one of the most popular tourist attractions of North East Holiday packages, is well-known as the wettest place on earth. However, not many know that Cherrapunji is home to several other places which are worth visiting. By visiting this place during the winter, you can freely travel and camp out in the open with no such rains.

  1. Shillong

Shilling can be another alluring destination to visit during the winter. The place becomes more attractive by itself during this season. The beautiful pink flowers which you will find near the lakes and rivers will make you wonder if you are really in India or in a foreign land.

  1. Assam

Though Assam enjoys a tropical weather throughout the year, it is during the winter can you get the most of this state by spending your time outdoors. No matter whether you wish to go on a river cruise to spot the dolphins or a birder who wants to catch glimpses of migratory birds, winter is the best time to be in Assam. Moreover, you can enjoy the Magh Bihu festival too!

There is good food, a variety of flora and fauna and everything that a traveller needs to satiate his/her wanderlust soul. So what are you still waiting for? Quickly opt for the best tour package and make the most of your Northeast holiday!